Back Together with a Baby


Hello Dr.Howard. I hope you can reply to me. I would like to know a meaning of one of my dreams… I dreamed about my ex-boyfriend… he was holding a little baby (boy) and in the dream we were married. What does it mean? I often dream that we get back together.

Hi [Anonymous],
This is what to ask yourself – what part of you is still psychological married to your ex? What was the potential that the relationship activated that did not manifest in reality. The relationship activated some new part of you that was born. A child in a dream represents a creative spark, a symbol of the future. Take ownership of that part and bring it to life like you would a real child. Be a single parent to that aspect of you. I cannot stress the importance of a child being born in a dream. It has the same magnitude psychologically as a real child does physically in one’s life.

Hope this helps,

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