Cut Off


I had another nightmare about my ex-partner Jeremy last night. This time i was outside of my home. I was gonna go down to the store. He was in his car following me with his friends. I tried to run but he cut me off and I ended up in the car with him.

Hi [Anonymous],
There are two questions that you could start off answering to yourself. One question, is what part of your relationship can’t you get away from that has been a nightmare for you? Usually what is our nightmares are often repeated items that need to be emotionally resolved not only from that relationship but often some reaction that is emotionally lingering from a similar stimulus from the past. What is being triggered off from the past? Also, in dream work it is important to do some active with the dream…talk to someone about the dream, dance or draw the dynamic. When we are embodying the dream we will often activated associative images and energy that will help up be liberated. Don’t be afraid to go into an experience even a nightmares. New information processing systems
supersede the previous traumatic patterns.. Your unconscious is asking you
conscious mind to process unfinished emotional material.

Hope this helps,

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