Twinkling Shards Dream Interpretation


Hello Dr. Teich,
I can only remember a small part of my dream but I still wonder what it means:

There is a young man about 19-21 y.o. standing in a garden at night  a glass bottle hits him and there are twinkling shards everywhere. That’s the only part I can remember.
I would be glad if you could interpret my dream. Best wishes. P.S. I met that young man a week before

Hi [Anonymous],
Hitting in a dream is an attempt to activate, awaken something from the unconscious. Because it happens at night, it is something from the lunar modes of consciousness emotions, intuition etc. (See Solar Lunar Assessment Chart) :

A sparkling shard is a spiritual principle that emerges from the center of us, our soul/Self. In the Cabalistic tradition the soul scatters outwards its sparks to the world. Each sparkle is awakening from the great living fire. The multitude of twinkling shards in your dream attest to your fertility to animate you life and the life of others with your vital essence. Take your sparkling energy and explore what this energy is to your life.

Congratulation for this awakening,

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