Chart of Flowing Balance

The chart below is designed as a visual aid to the learnings. It is can be used to help you adjust imbalances in your own consciousness or in the way your group thinks. The columns on the left will be helpful in the diagnosis of a problem. Sometimes you may need the help of a trusted friend to help you diagnose your own imbalances. Most of these traits are hard to acknowledge in oneself. But the truth is most of us suffer from at least one of them. You might also ask yourself if others have ever accused you of having any of these traits.

Being Out of Balance Achieving Balance
If solar without lunar If lunar without solar Solar Lunar
Over concerned with self image/ pride Self Effacing, Self Doubting Confident (courage to enact ideas) Willingness to admit limitations and mistakes
Dominating, disconnected or isloated Appeasing others, weak Assertive Cooperative
Aggressive Lenient, lax Responsible Empathetic
Compulsive Lacking focus Precise Connecting the dots
Perfectionist Lack of will Desire to achieve Willingness to Fail
Closed to different perspectives Living in a fantasy world Goal oriented Visionary
Authoritarian Follow the herd Powerful Compassionate
Rigid Aimless Structured Flexible
Arrogant Helpmate Self Conviction Receptivity


The columns on the right list traits and skills intended to help re-establish the natural state of mind (or in a group, atmosphere) we call flowing balance. Those with problems in the solar column should consult the lunar column to find balance. Those with a problem in the lunar column will find a trait listed in the solar column to help achieve greater balance.



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Solar / Lunar Assessment Chart

Solar / Lunar Assessment Chart

By filling in this chart, you will quickly be able to tell your balance of solar and lunar traits.