Solar Lunar

The Ancient Mythology of Light

Since the beginning of recorded time, on all continents of the earth, the sun and moon have been re-occurring symbols. Solar and lunar archetypes are fundamental to consciousness. But what do they represent and how can we use the archetypes of the sun and moon to clarify, understand and transform our own lives? Here you will find a growing wealth of resources to do just that.

Embrace of the Moon
In this video, Dr. Howard Teich presents an introduction on how think symmetrically about the mind in terms of Solar and Lunar forces.
Engagement Leadership
A leader’s success depends on one’s effectiveness in inspiring and motivating others. In this video, Dr. Howard Teich reflects on emerging theories in neuroscience, presenting a golden opportunity for a different kind of leadership
The old gods are dead or dying and people everywhere are searching asking: What is the new mythology to be, the mythology of this unified earth as of one harmonious being?

Joseph Campbell

Possibly Solar Light, Lunar Light offers this new mythology.
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Re-Visioning the Masculine and Feminine Side of Men and Women

A core Jungian concept proposes that men develop their feminine side (anima) and women their masculine side (animus); this constrictive terminology confines us to rigid ideas of gender. However, Jung’s rediscovery of alchemical mythology, which uses imagery of the sun and the moon rather than masculine and feminine labels, can free us from cultural gender labeling, potentially restoring the wholeness and creativity embodied in those lights of nature. When we move from the polarizing gender dynamic to the complementary-cooperative partners of the solar and lunar modes of consciousness, we are on the path of evolution’s dynamic dance.

Presented by Howard Teich, Ph.D. and Robert Moradi, M.D.

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